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Olya Polyakova visited the «School of Superheroes» in Dnipro

Olya Polyakova visited the «School of Superheroes» in Dnipro


Popular singer Olya Polyakova visited the School of Superheroes educational center in Dnipro.
The artist talked to the students and their parents, the School of Superheroes team, and the medical staff. The children received comic books and toys as gifts from Olya Polyakova.

"Olya Polyakova created an actual holiday with her visit to our School of Superheroes in Dnipro. Imagine, without warning, an artist who is known even to children, and not only to their parents, appears in pediatric oncology with gifts. She talked to all the kids and adults, gave everyone hugs, and warmed them with her smile and kind words.

When there is so much misery caused by war around us, and it’s happening on a daily basis, such meetings are invaluable. Especially in children's hospitals, where support is desperately needed by both young patients and their parents. And we will continue to bring a holiday to our superheroes together with our friends, the artists,” said Evheniya Smirnova, director of the School of Superheroes.

As a reminder, the School of Superheroes regularly organizes meetings of students and parents with popular musicians, actors, athletes, and opinion leaders at educational centers. “Tina Karol, ONUKA, Roxolana, Pianoboy Dmitry Shurov and many others have already visited the School of Superheroes.

You can view the photo report of Olya Polyakova's meeting at the School of Superheroes on Facebook and Instagram.

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