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Life safety training was held at the Kyiv School of Superheroes

Life safety training was held at the Kyiv School of Superheroes


On May 18th, the School of Superheroes educational center, located at the Okhmatdyt hospital in Kyiv, hosted a life safety training for children as part of the Safe Country national project.

The educational training on life safety for children was organized by: The ICF Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents and the “School of Superheroes” of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, with the participation of the Patrol Police of Ukraine and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The goal of the event is to promote safe rules of life, including the ability to provide first aid to victims of emergencies and accidents and to learn the rules of safe behaviour on the road, the use of reflective elements in the dark; compliance with the rules of conduct in emergencies, including mine and fire safety; development of socially active, responsible youth.

"The children were delighted with each location because the interactive "Know and Act'' game captured the attention of everyone present, even parents. Two teams of students: the "Children" and the "Unbreakable" were eager to plunge into the safe world of the training exercises. Themed locations, professional trainers and lecturers, and safety props (fire, mine, first aid, and traffic rules) captured the children’s attention. The teams actively participated in both the theoretical and practical parts of the training. The task of extinguishing an artificial fire and receiving gifts from the guests united the participants into one friendly team as soon as they reached the finish line. As a result, we received grateful feedback from parents and happy smiles from children," these were the impressions shared by Halyna Musienko, head of the School of Superheroes educational center at the Okhmatdyt National Children's Hospital.

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