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Music therapy by Ukrainian composer, virtuoso pianist Yevhen Khmara

Music therapy by Ukrainian composer, virtuoso pianist Yevhen Khmara


The Superheroes' School educational centre in Boyarka hosted a concert by virtuoso pianist Yevhen Khmara, a real music therapy for young patients and medical staff of the Kyiv Oblast Children's Hospital.

"When you work with children, it is very important to feel their needs. It's one thing to perform in a shopping centre where they have come to dance and have fun. It's another thing when children go through things that many adults never experience in their entire lives. Living in hospitals makes them more profound, it makes them different. It turns out that these children are more mature than some adults," comments Yevhen Khmara.

During the event, the children had the opportunity to listen to live instrumental music, take part in various activities and play the keyboard with Yevhen. It turned out that one of the superheroes loved music and knew a little about the instrument. By an amazing coincidence, his name is also Yevhen.

"Today it was very important that the children were really in the moment, they were not on their phones, they wanted to interact. I am very happy that instrumental music can be a therapy for them, healing and fulfilling. What happened today at the Superheroes School, what happens at my concerts for the military or at commercial events, I think this is the light that awakens," said the virtuoso pianist.

We thank our friends and partners 1+1 media for their help in organising the event.

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