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Brave defenders visited superheroes

Brave defenders visited superheroes


Ukrainian soldiers visited the School of Super Heroes in Lviv

Oleksandr and Kostiantyn are soldiers who have been defending Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. In their free time, they came to the Lviv educational space of the Superheroes School, located in the St. Nicholas Hospital in Lviv.

The brave warriors not only spent time with the children, but also gave them useful gifts for their education. It is an endless care that we appreciate and thank every day.

To give the little superheroes a present, the IDF soldiers, together with their friends from the NGO Victoria, announced a fundraising campaign on social media to ensure that every child who is unable to return to normal education can continue to study in the hospital. The school's classrooms are now equipped with a new TV and projector, as well as educational games for the students.

The warriors understand that the long time children spend in hospital should be filled with more than just medical procedures. It is very important not to stop, to develop, to maintain optimism and to take steps forward. We just want the children to understand that they are not alone with their problems, that we, the adults, support them wherever we are," says soldier Oleksandr.

And the teachers at the Superheroes School are always on the lookout to teach the hospital's young patients.

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