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The role of a psychologist in the educational process - the experience of the Superheroes School

The role of a psychologist in the educational process - the experience of the Superheroes School


How practical psychologists help educate young hospital patients. During the congress ‘Children and War. Modern Challenges of Psychological Assistance and Rehabilitation in Wartime", the state institution Superheroes school shared its experience.

The event, organised by Okhmatdyt, was attended by Ukrainian scientists from various fields of medicine, as well as international guests from Latvia, Israel, and Germany. Olga Nabochenko, Deputy Director for Educational and Methodological Work at the Superheroes school, spoke about the peculiarities of the work of practical psychologists.

Thus, a practical psychologist works in each centre of the School to accompany participants during the educational process. His work is regulated by a special regulation. This means that the goals and objectives are clearly defined.

Psychologists are constantly improving their professional knowledge and undergo additional training, which allows them to grow professionally.

The work of psychologists is not limited to children - our psychologists teach teachers and healthcare professionals how to deal with first aid and identify signs of possible suicide in adolescents. They also help not only students, but also work with parents and teachers. They also respond to cases of violence and bullying.

"Psychological support and assistance at the Superheroes School is an integral part of our work. We are developing and gaining more and more experience and practices to ensure an effective educational process and psychological assistance for our superheroes. This work allows us to evaluate all components of the educational process and, taking into account the treatment factor and other peculiarities of a child's stay in the hospital, to create positive conditions for learning,’ says Olga Nabochenko.

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