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Network lesson: superheroes from all educational centres studied physics together

Network lesson: superheroes from all educational centres studied physics together


Network lessons, which take place simultaneously in all educational centres of the Superheroes School, have already become a tradition. This time, it was Dnipro's turn! And the topic chosen by the local teacher, Natalia, was not the easiest. Physics - ‘Optical Phenomena’.

More than 50 students joined the lesson at the same time. They reflected on the physical nature of optical phenomena, discussed where they occur. And even experimented. So the difficult physics at the Superheroes School became interesting and exciting.

And the most important thing is, of course, the feedback from our superheroes - after the lesson, everyone unanimously said they wanted to continue studying this subject.

"It is enough to add a little creativity, to build a lesson in the form of a research, a masterclass, an exciting journey - and now a seemingly difficult subject becomes interesting. It is very important to motivate a child to learn and show them the way to learn. And our teachers are so passionate about their work that every time they come up with new approaches to presenting the material,’ says Anna Skrypnyk, head of the Superheroes School in Dnipro.

"I am amazed at how interesting learning numbers can be. This lesson was very useful and interesting. I never thought that pi could have so many applications in real life. And even its own sound. Thank you to the teacher for such a fascinating lesson!’ - Oleg, 9th grade student of the Zhytomyr branch of the Superheroes School.

The Superheroes School has been holding networking lessons since last year. Practice has shown that such events make it possible to synchronise the curriculum and share experiences in real time. Very soon, Lviv will take up the baton of online lessons with an equally exciting topic of artificial intelligence.

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