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Stories of superheroes that inspire you not to give up and keep going

Stories of superheroes that inspire you not to give up and keep going


Makar and Rostik - Courage, Perseverance and Curiosity

One of the most heart-warming moments in the work of all Superheroes School teachers is the graduation of our students. Little superheroes who, with their perseverance, ingenuity and strength of spirit, inspire us to grow stronger every day.

We would like to tell you the stories of two brave superheroes, Makar and Rostik. They come from different cities - Kharkiv and Mykolaiv. One is interested in technology, the other in creativity. But they are united by their incredible curiosity and perseverance.

Makar is a superhero from the Kharkiv branch of the Superheroes School. Since birth, he has faced the difficult diagnosis of spinal muscular dystrophy. The disease robs him of a happy childhood and poses serious challenges throughout his life. He uses a wheelchair to get around. The boy is a very sincere, optimistic and open-minded child, who is interested in quite adult and serious subjects. Makar loves to write and read, although his illness means that he tires easily and cannot sit for long periods of time. He does not give up and is very successful in his studies: he can already read, write, compose stories, count, solve problems, learn English, has a very good handwriting, a unique memory, attention and logical thinking. The superhero has many dreams: victory, peace, health... But one of them is the most memorable: the dream that the world should create many new modern technologies, interesting and unusual machines, which Makar is very interested in.

Rostik is a favourite of the teachers at the Superheroes School in Mykolaiv. He has finished his treatment and is returning home. As adults, we can only envy our little boy's perseverance, resilience and positive attitude. Fighting the disease for 2 years, believing in a healthy childhood and full trust in doctors is the motto of Rostik's parents.

After meeting this strong superhero, his teachers were amazed by his thirst for learning and knowledge. He loves logical and mathematical development, construction and modelling. Creating real masterpieces out of plasticine and incredible structures, drawing bright pictures is the highlight of our superhero. Creativity, imagination, the ability to think outside the box, inspiration.

We are proud of each and every one of our students.

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