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Superheroes of Zhytomyr: creativity that energises for a fast recovery

Superheroes of Zhytomyr: creativity that energises for a fast recovery


The experience of the Zhytomyr Superheroes School shows that creative education can bring real positive emotions.

Classes in the school curriculum provide knowledge, while creative classes can inspire and give strength for a quick recovery. This is what the teachers of the Superheroes School at the Zhytomyr Regional Hospital believe. And the range of standard classes, such as drawing, is complemented by informative master classes

During a candle-making course, for example, the Superheroes delved into the mysterious world of scents. Together with representatives of the SpivDiya for Children charity fund, the students created candles out of wax. The wax filled the classroom with a pleasant and warm scent, evoking memories of summer days, the honeyed notes of flower meadows and creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

The superheroes felt like masters of magic as they created their unique candles. And then another exciting moment began - decorating! Ribbons, lace, sparkles, a flight of the children's imagination - they created real miracles!

Next up was a trip into the world of gastronomy. Imagine walking up to a small shop where a cheerful craftswoman makes the most delicious ice-cream cones.... This is exactly what our superheroes imagined when they wanted to make their own ice-cream cone. All with the help of coloured plasticine. With each movement of their hands, the 'most delicious' ice-cream balls appeared, reminiscent of bright, sunny summer days. Oksana, a primary school teacher, and Yulia, an assistant primary school teacher, helped the superheroes immerse themselves in the world of ice cream.

Next up is design and technology, one of the favourite subjects of our Zhytomyr superheroes. A lesson on how to make a snowflake ballerina using the cut-out technique. Everyone chose their own perfect combination of colours and patterns. But the students had not only practice, but also a bit of history - about the technique of vytynanka and the most famous masters, the history of ballet and world masterpieces of this art. At the end of the lesson, each superhero presented their own unique snowflake ballerina and shared their impressions of the fascinating creative process.

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