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Superheroine Alina: Dreams come true when you don't stop believing in them despite everything

Superheroine Alina: Dreams come true when you don't stop believing in them despite everything


Olya Polyakova visited the student of the School of Superheroes at the Cancer Institute

The important day of discharge after a long treatment became a real holiday for our student Arina. Arina's idol, singer Olya Polyakova, came to the Superheroes School at the Cancer Institute to support and inspire her to new achievements. Nelya Shovkoplias, mentor of the Zdiysny Mriyu project and TV presenter of the 1+1 Breakfast show, helped make the little patient's dream come true.

Unexpectedly, Olya Polyakova came to the classroom with warm hugs, gifts and, of course, songs that the girl knew by heart. And time stood still for a moment. The gifts included a collectible Olya Polyakova doll, tickets to a concert, and her phone now has a bunch of selfies to remember her by.

Before she was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma of the ribs, Arina was a gymnast who also enjoyed drawing and modelling with clay. The full-blown war forced the family to leave Mykolaiv, first for the safety of Ukraine and then for Poland. From there, the family urgently returned home for treatment. Over the course of 9 months of treatment, Arina underwent 8 blocks of rigorous chemotherapy and a rib resection to remove the tumour. In the final stage, she received high-dose chemotherapy and an autologous stem cell transplant. As of today, the girl has completed her treatment.

All this time, creative classes at the educational centre of the Superheroes School gave the girl inspiration and joy, and teachers and educators were always on guard for a good mood.

At Superheroes School, we believe that knowledge and positive emotions can inspire dreams on a cosmic scale. That is why we never stop teaching our students to dream without limits and to believe in themselves. For the disease will pass, but the openness to the world, the curiosity, the warmth of the heart will remain forever

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