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Superheroes of Kharkiv learned to sculpt from clay

Superheroes of Kharkiv learned to sculpt from clay


A master class on pottery was held in the educational center «School of Superheroes » in Kharkiv. It was possible thanks to the guests from the «Educational space «Mariia» of the public union «International Bridge».

Superheroes plunged into the world of pottery with great interest and enthusiasm. First, the children learned the history of traditional Ukrainian crafts and the peculiarities of working with natural materials. And then they tried to sculpt on their own. Each superhero has created a cup with his own hands, which will remain as a memory of the lesson.

« Creative atmosphere is a unique approach that improves the psycho-emotional state and reveals creativity. Working with clay is both relaxation and concentration improvement at the same time. The path to your own masterpiece teaches you to feel different shapes and textures. And the process becomes a tool for self-discovery and personal development», Anastasiia Pupkova, a psychologist at a Superheroes school, said about the positive impact of such a lesson.

The atmosphere of creativity captivated every little potter and inspired him to make wonderful works!

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