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Another class of the Superheroes School opened in Lviv

Another class of the Superheroes School opened in Lviv


This is already the fifth educational space in the Lviv Children's Hospital of St. Nicholas

The fifth class of the Superheroes School recently opened its doors at St. Nicholas Hospital. The classroom opened in the Onco-Haematology Department is an important step in the education of the young patients of the department, as until now, due to special treatment conditions, the children could not attend classes in other classes. Now it is possible!

The official opening was attended by Natalia Moseychuk, curator and chairman of the Superheroes School's board of trustees, 1+1 Marathon and TSN presenter, and interviewer. The event was also attended by the Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi; Olena Nikonchuk, Head of the Medical Science Sector of the Department of Medical Personnel, Education and Science of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; Oleh Samchuk, Director General of the First Lviv Medical Association; and Myroslava Stepaniuk, Director of the Levenya Scientific and Educational Centre.

"Today's course is a miracle in every sense. First of all, the funds came from a prime time advertising block on the 1+1 Ukraine channel on St Nicholas' Day. Secondly, they are as 'people's' as possible. Because they were collected during the broadcast of the 'Christmas. You are not alone' project. Amazing people who fight, bleed and take care of their children, you are invincible! Natalia Moseychuk said.

Education in hospitals supports the zest for life. For a child, it is part of getting to know the world and understanding that life goes on.

"We are very sensitive to each child and find ways to help them learn and develop," says Andriy Sadovyi.

"The classroom is equipped with everything necessary according to school standards - ergonomic furniture, blackboard, equipment, books. It differs from others in that each room has a separate entrance, so the children do not cross and do not interact with each other. This is very important to them. Here the doctor gives the right to work with each child individually. If the white blood cells allow it, he tells the teacher to start lessons with a particular child,' says Andriy Tyshchenko, head of the Superheroes School educational space in Lviv.

The first lesson immediately impressed the little superheroes! A tablet instead of a notebook and a real robot instead of school supplies. In the robotics class, the students tested the capabilities of artificial intelligence and taught the robot to dance. The process was so exciting that the next day Andriy Tyshchenko and his teachers were bombarded with questions about the next lesson and the timetable. For us, this is the best, most valuable and important evaluation of our work.

The funds raised by friends and media partners of the Superheroes School - 1+1 media - were used to create the educational space. In order to raise more than 500 thousand UAH, on 6 December 2023, on St. Nicholas Day, the prime time period in the first advertising block from 19:00 to 20:00 on 1+1 Ukraine became a charity event. In addition, the company's employees, together with top managers, made donations to a special bank throughout the month of December. In addition, as part of the 'Christmas. You are not alone' project, which was broadcast on Christmas Eve.

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