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One, two, three - teleportation has begun in the 2023-2024 academic year!

One, two, three - teleportation has begun in the 2023-2024 academic year!


У межах проєкту «Діти об’єднують Україну» і з нагоди Дня знань в освітньому центрі державної установи «Школи супергероїв», що в НДСЛ «Охматдит» МОЗ України, було організовано творчу майстерню «Ми — твоє майбутнє, Україно!».

As part of the project "Children Unite Ukraine" and on the occasion of the Knowledge Day , a creative workshop "We are your future, Ukraine!" was organized in the educational center of the state institution "Superheroes’ schools" in the "Ohmatdyt" NSCH of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. In the hospital's lobby, the school's pupils presented their creative works. Plasticine, origami, applique, paper and cardboard construction, three-dimensional applique, drawing with stamps, paints, pencils - there was a variety of techniques! Volodymyr Zhovnir, General Director of the Ohmatdyt National Specialized Children's Hospital, addressed the children with a welcoming speech. And a superhero Andriyko announced the beginning of the new school year with a loud bell.

The real adventure with the children began during the quest "City of Superheroes", which was joined by the School's teachers, parents and medical staff. To get the "key" to the final word, the team members completed thematic tasks on Tvorchykh Boulevard, Sportyvna Street, Doviry Square, Nezlamnykh Square, Intelektualiv Avenue.

At the event, children and adults recharged their mental batteries with driving dances which were inspired by creative works and performed psychological exercises to help them start the new school year with a pleasure . The atmosphere on Nezlamnykh Square was particularly emotional when the quest participants performed Stefaniia, Chervona Kalyna and the Ukrainian anthem.

As a token of their sincere gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the children presented the defenders of Ukraine with motanka dolls which they had made during the workshop.

We believe that the smiles, hugs and vivid impressions of this day will remain in the memory of the superheroes for a long time and will motivate them to dive into the 2023-2024 school year with pleasure!

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