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International Children's Day celebrated at Schools of Superheroes

International Children's Day celebrated at Schools of Superheroes


The educational centers of the School of Superheroes network held events dedicated to International Children's Day. Each school hosted entertainment events and fairy-tale attractions for children.

At the Okhmatdyt clinic, the Starts of the 1+1 TV channel congratulated the Kyiv School of Superheroes students.

Singer Dmytro Monatik and comedian Yevhen Koshovyi visited the superheroes from Mykolaiv.

The grand opening of new classrooms was held in Lviv with the participation of Mayor Andriy Sadovyi.

In Dnipro, the superheroes were visited by fairy ponies.

The flag-raising ceremony of the School of Superheroes took place in Kharkiv.

In Zhytomyr, there were snail races and a cartoon show.

In Khmelnytsky, a "Cinderella" fairy-tale sand animation awaited the kids.

"Every day in Ukraine has become Children's Day - every day we protect our children and their future from the enemy, every day our defenders stand up to protect every child. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. Children die, get injured, and suffer traumas, including psychological ones. At the same time, the number of children who are sick and need treatment or rehabilitation does not decrease regardless of the hostilities, because cancer, HIV, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, or somatic diseases do not wait for the war to finally end. That is why many children in Ukraine are also fighting their own war against disease. Doctors are doing their best to help every child who comes to the hospital. The teachers of the School of Superheroes do everything they can and share all their love to help and provide children with the chance for a normal life. A life in which education plays a very important role. Our teachers make life interesting for children in the hospital not only on International Children's Day. They do it every day. However, on June 1, they have the opportunity to create an amazing holiday for the children and invite amazing guests. This year, our educational centers have done their best to make children in hospitals where the School's educational centers are located smile despite the war," said Olga Nabochenko, Deputy Director of the School of Superheroes.

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