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Street art "Unbreakable" at the School of Superheroes

Street art "Unbreakable" at the School of Superheroes


On 21 September, the International Day of Peace is celebrated not only in Ukraine but also in different parts of the world. Today, peace for Ukrainians is not some abstract concept, but a conscious goal and the biggest dream. To remind us how confidently we are moving towards it and to inspire faith in the best, a bright patriotic and creative event was held for the pupils of the Superheroes' School at the Kyiv Ohmatdyt.

On the occasion of the holiday, both young and old superheroes gathered on the hospital's outdoor area to take part in the Unbreakable street art.

Kids of pre-school and primary school age plunged into drawing with their fingers and palms. It's hard to say which was more: children's joy and pleasure or bright colours on paper!

The older kids - pupils of grades 5-11 - drew with chalk on the pavement. Of course, they filled the space with patriotic motifs. Adults who came with their children, and even those who passed by, could not resist the urge to join in this creative process.

At the entrance to the hospital, a flock of blue and yellow doves fluttered in the gentle breeze, as if calling out to the universe: "Let there be peace!". On closer inspection, one could see that these doves of peace were special: with excitement, but also boundless childlike faith, the toddlers had written on them their wishes for a speedy end to the war. A photo session at the "We are your future, Ukraine!" location also made the audience happy.

All the pupils of the Superheroes' School received gifts at the end of the day, which they were very happy about. The most active participants also recorded an interview with the event, which confirmed its significance and value.

The street art "Unbreakable" added to the present day a calm confidence that everything will be fine. And the superheroes, like the whole of Ukraine, are confidently moving towards their victory every day!

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