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Master class on creating comics in Dnipro

Master class on creating comics in Dnipro


They say art heals. And we believe in it. Creativity shifts the attention of toddlers from procedures, gives a good mood and fills with strength. So, in all educational centers of the «School of Superheroes» network, various creative activities are an important part of the schedule.

As part of the All-Ukrainian mental health program «How are you? » on the initiative of First Lady Olena Zelenska, superheroes from Dnipro took part in the master class where they created their own comics.

At the creative lesson the children together with a psychologist came up with their own superhero, who was supposed to become the main character of their story. For some he was a super doctor who could heal with one touch, and for others he was an agile football player who teaches the game.

Each toddler has chosen his own unique hero. They are different because they actually reflect the individuality of the child, how he understands the world and how he sees the future. Children love reincarnation and the creation of a comic book gives them the opportunity to invest in their character those features that they like or admire the most in order to imitate them later. Then the children began to invent stories in which their heroes must defeat all evil.

«I really want to finish the story of my superhero. I’ve never done anything like this. I want everything to work out for me and I want my family to see the result».

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