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Courage and positivity: stories from the students of the Superheroes School

Courage and positivity: stories from the students of the Superheroes School


The stories of our students inspire them to not give up, to move forward and to achieve despite their fears. We continue to tell you about the little superheroes our teachers are proud of.

Since May 2023, our brave superheroine Angelina has been receiving treatment at the Kharkiv City Children's Hospital No. 5. And since the beginning of her treatment, she has been studying at the Superhero School.

While diving into a pond, Angelina suffered a serious, complicated spinal injury. She received a terrible diagnosis: spinal cord injury, explosive compression fracture of the body. Two operations and a long period of treatment and rehabilitation. But our superheroine's willpower is incredible. Her lust for life and her desire to get back on her feet are boundless.

That's why, with the help of our teachers, she's turned her hospital routine into a fascinating journey through the world of knowledge. Every lesson is an opportunity to communicate, learn something new and try to achieve at least one small goal. The girl's favourite subjects are algebra, geometry and English.

Medical professionals have also joined Angelina's educational process. Together with the volunteers, the doctors bought a graphic tablet for the girl's education, which she uses to write on a special board under the guidance of the Superheroes School teachers, as her fingers are not yet fully functional. But the girl's desire to return to a full life overcomes her illness and she succeeds in many things.

Little Roman is studying at the Superheroes School in Kyiv. This is the second Superheroes School in his life - he first met our teachers in Dnipro. It was there that he began treatment for blood cancer, and now he continues it at the Kyiv Okhmatdyt.

At the school's educational centre, he attends classes for pre-school children according to a programme prepared by a teacher. This includes logical and mathematical development, elements of literacy, an introduction to natural history and, among other things, construction - one of the Roma's favourite activities. The boy easily assembles small construction kits, even without instructions - from memory.

Roma is a very positive, happy, agile and hardworking boy. He easily finds a common language with his peers in the group lessons at school and actively cooperates in a team. He actively expresses himself in class and often jokes. And our teachers are incredibly proud of their superhero.

His family background is incredibly difficult. He, his father, grandmother and siblings had to flee their home town of Kurakhovo in the Donetsk region because of a full-scale war. Roma's mother is dead. The boy's older brother is defending his homeland on the front line (incidentally, the older brother was a bone marrow donor for Romchik). His father Viktor is always with the boy, doing everything possible for his recovery.

To our teachers, Roma is an incredible example of willpower. We all wish this smart, kind and brave boy a speedy recovery.

This year, 6 new cities will appear on the map of the Superheroes School. New centres have already opened in Lviv, Rivne, Kryvyi Rih and Vinnytsia. This means that even in hospital, children will have the opportunity to keep their childhood alive, to learn and to explore the world.

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