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Culinary show from the brand chef for superheroes of the endocrinology department

Culinary show from the brand chef for superheroes of the endocrinology department


The pupils of the Boyarka School of Superheroes studied the basics of healthy eating and prepared healthy meals with their own hands.

In the endocrinology department of Kyiv Regional Children’s Hospital the children with diabetes are treated. Food for such superheroes is of special importance, because their well-being and health depend on it. So the culinary event was not just tasty and entertaining for them but it was extremely informative and useful.

Mr. Oleh, a brand chef of private schools in Kyiv and a participant of the reality TV show Master Chef, started the event with a lecture about healthy eating, various cuisines of the world, eating habits and secrets of cooking healthy food.

The classroom turned into a real kitchen-studio! The children became the active participants in the delicious master class. Together with Mr. Oleh they prepared dietary buckwheat noodles, nutritious meatballs and broccoli which is rich in vitamins. It turned out to be a beautiful and tasty dish, which the children began to taste with pleasure.

«Mr.Oleh ignited the little ones with a fantastic mood and an incredible atmosphere of culinary creativity. The children got a lot of pleasure and positive emotions from magic in the kitchen. They tasted with pleasure a delicious and healthy dish prepared together with the master», the teacher of primary school of the School of Superheroes at the Kyiv Regional Children’s Hospital shared her pleasant impressions.

By the way, after the delicious experiment there was another one, but it was almost scientific! The children together with the chemistry teacher Mrs.Tetiana conducted experiments to indentify the hidden starch in food products.

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