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Olena Zelenska visited superheroes in Boyarka

Olena Zelenska visited superheroes in Boyarka


In September, the state institution "School of Superheroes" celebrated the opening of its 11th educational center. Children and doctors from the Kyiv Regional Children's Hospital in Boyarka still have fresh memories of that day. A month passed - and in October, an incredible event awaited them again. The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, visited the superheroes.

The School of Superheroes in Boyarka is our first center in the Kyiv region and the third in hospitals in Ukraine, which was opened during the war. Two bright classrooms still smell of new renovation, and they have already become special.

This is the first School, the opening of which was visited by the Minister of Education and Science Oksen Lisovyi. And the first, where Olena Zelenska observed learning not in wards, but in bright classrooms.

The First Lady of Ukraine not only contributed to the creation of the "School of Superheroes" state institution. From 2021, it patronizes this project, provides support and assistance in expanding the network and improving educational services.

During a visit to the Kyiv Regional Hospital in Boyarka, Olena Zelenska had the opportunity to talk with the tomboys, saw how enthusiastically they "swallow" knowledge and once again became convinced of how "heroic" these children really are.

"Where do superheroes study? There are more and more such places in Ukraine. One of them is the Kyiv Regional Children's Hospital. Yes, just here, children who are on long-term treatment in a hospital, on rehabilitation or supportive therapy, can attend classes to exercise their right to education. This center of knowledge among procedures and medicines is called: "School of superheroes". Because it is truly heroic to learn while being treated. I have been patronizing this project since 2021, during which time it has already been implemented in 11 hospitals of the country and continues to develop," Olena Zelenska shared on her Facebook page.

Together with the first lady of Ukraine, the children from the elementary school teleported to the foot of the volcano, where they all watched the eruption together. Of course, in mini format, but there was plenty of excitement! Older superheroes also showed themselves to be masters of alchemy: they mixed substances that made various stains disappear. The smallest tomboys attracted the attention of Mrs. Elena with a creative atmosphere that covered the entire room.

We thank Olena Zelenska for her visit and for supporting our network, which has been giving children hope for quality education even in hospitals for years!

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