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How the superheroes of Zhytomyr visited the land of Alpheus

How the superheroes of Zhytomyr visited the land of Alpheus


As soon as the event was over, the children wanted to know when the fairies from the Winx Club cartoon, who always save the world from dark magic, would visit them again.

At the fairytale event, the Winx fairies told the superheroes about their magical abilities and the interesting adventures they have had. They also brought presents, which the children were very happy to receive.

The superheroes had fun playing and completing creative tasks. The children received gifts and a family photo as a souvenir of the meeting.

The Winx team study at the Alpheus School of Magic and they invited the children to visit. The children made magic wings to take them on their journey.

In the land of Alpheus, the superheroes saw many wonders and magical places, were initiated into magic and learned to see objects through walls.

We would like to see as many fun, magical and colourful events like this in the lives of children in all cities. After all, happy emotions are what they need to recover!

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